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TEAM Model
Smarter Classroom

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom is the world’s first teaching support system, linking the four teaching
components: e-Teaching, e-assEssing, e-diAgnosing and e-reMediation.
Starting out with the focus on classroom needs, we provide perfect integration of comprehensive teaching
informationization and cloud platform services, assisting teachers of the same education system in implementing
the ideals of Smarter Classroom ideals, creating a Smarter education ecology.

HiTeach - Interactive Teaching Software

HiTeach interactive teaching software is an innovative and multi-functional teaching system; it is built to break through the situation where educational software and devices can only be used alone but not in combination with each other. HiTeach is a teaching software which seamlessly integrates ITS (Interactive Touch Screen), IWB (Interactive Whiteboard), DC (Document Camera or Visualizer) and IRS (Interactive Response System). Teachers can teach with more ease and convenience by simply combining the different devices and make use of the combination.

HiTeach interactive teaching system represents a key component of the TEAM Model smarter classroom. It is easy to use and possesses powerful integrating ability.
Its powerful features have led to the winning of several prizes, which include the Taiwan Excellence 2011, Computex Taipei 2011 Best Choice Award Jury’s Special and the 18th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award.



​Seamless Integration

HiTeach allows teachers to capture images, paste on the whiteboard page, edit or write on them, conduct an IRS assessment, then present statistic charts instantly without being interrupted by shifting between various systems.

Capture Image using DC

Edit or Writ on it

conduct an IRS assessment

Useful Built-in Teaching Tools

Tools include ruler, curtains, spotlight, and labels, adaptive to different teaching content. The rich Material Pool can be used directly in teaching activities to reduce the time required for lecture preparation.

Proprietary Multi-document Comparison Function

Teachers can use the document camera to film students' problem-solving processes and show them on the same screen (max. 9 images simultaneously). The IRS feedback system can also be activated for students to vote on the best problem-solving strategy.

Photo and Video Recording Timer Functions

With the document camera timer, videos can be produced to be used as multimedia materials for students to access, e.g. recording the seed germination process for natural science classes.

Connecting to Cloud Diagnosis and Analysis Services for More Comprehensive Teaching Activities

The test data from HiTeach can be uploaded to the clouDAS directly for diagnoses and analyses of learning, allowing teaching activities to extend beyond lectures, making teaching activities more encompassing.

Multiple Activity Modes

In addition to basic assessing functions, users can select knockout, picking, tossup, or buss-in modes for a livelier lecture.

Same Operation Interface for Different Classroom Applications

The IRS Interactive Response System of the HiTeach Interactive Software, HiTeach TBL Smarter Classroom, HiTeach Mobile and HiLearning Student App of the HiTeach Pro all share the same interface design, and will work in compliance with any teaching methods.

HiTeach Features
HiTeach - Interactive Teaching Software

HiTeach Seasons

up until today HiTeach has been developed into Five distinct Seasons to cater to teachers diverse teaching strategies


HiTeach Interactive teaching software is an innovative and multi-functional teaching system, Teachers can teach with more ease and convenience by simply combining the different devices and make use of the combination


Students can download the HiLearning Mobile App on their smart phones and connect to the HiTeach Mobile system on the teacher’s end. This means, by using mobile phones, one can interact with the teacher during the class, for instance, having IRS real-time Q&As, messaging, sending pictures, showcasing works and so on.

HiTeach PRO

HiTeach Pro offers integration with HiLearning Student Tablet systems on mobile devices including iPad, android, Windows, smartphones, and IRS remote controls, enhancing interaction with the student end.

HiTeach TA

With the rapid development of science and technology, the teachers 'classes also need to be appropriately changed in order to meet the era of digital natives' wisdom education. Now, with an easy-to-use mobile vehicle, interactive classrooms and efficient classrooms can be created. Students' attention is immediately drawn to an interesting teaching mode and immediate action!

HiTeach TBL

In the design and various functions of the HiTeach TBL, the primary objective is to provide teachers with three main teaching facility functions pertaining to team-based learning.

HiTeach Seasons
ezVision – Document Camera (Visualizer)

Portable and light-weighted ezVision represents a best mate for teachers to establish interactive learning environment anywhere and anytime!

ezVision is able to work independently from ITS or IWB; however, it comprises the functions of ITS and IWB. Teachers are able to annotate directly on the projections which can then be recorded and saved in the built-in memory of ezVision.

ezVision – Document Camera (Visualizer)
IRS – Interactive Response System

Interactive response system (IRS), also known as voting system, is a real-time Q&As, quiz and other activities of up to 1000 students, clickers and student response system, makes every classroom or study center an interactive and fun environment. It not only engages students’ participation and concentration in class, but also enriches their learning experiences by various activities and multi-directional interaction, which results in an overall enhancement in students’ learning outcome.

IRS – Interactive Response System
HiTA Teacher Assistant App

HiTeach Pro and HiTeach TBL interactive teaching systems support the HiTA wisdom assistants App, teachers can operate via smartphone HiTA, shooting at any time in Xuntang classroom activities or materials selected photos posted back to the whiteboard, instantly share content, but also more convenient to group group of works presented simultaneously, multiple file comparison. In addition, teachers can be HiTA IRS teacher as remote control, you can pick one through HiTA IRS instant feedback system, flop, instant grab power and other functions, HiTA as assistant teacher in the hands of wisdom as convenience.

HiTA Features

HiTA Teacher Assistant App

Supports:HiTeach Pro、HiTeach TBL、HiTeach Mobile、HiTeach TA
While pacing the classroom to monitor and help students, the teacher can access HiTA on a smart phone device to take pictures or select photos taken during lessons from albums and various materials to post to the interactive whiteboard. This allows for instant sharing, making showcasing team’s work on the interactive whiteboard all the easier.


Teachers can use the micro-video function in HiTA to record students' problem-solving, experiment, and discussion processes in videos up to 30 seconds in length, which can be posted to the interactive whiteboard with one click to show the whole class, creating a convenient and lively environment for peer exchanges.

Live Video

With the real-time video function in the app, teachers can use their smartphone to display images of class experiments and practices on the interactive whiteboard in high resolution. Students no longer need to crowd around their teachers to see images, which makes teaching easier.

As an IRS Teacher’s Remote Control

A teacher can utilize HiTA as an IRS teacher’s remote control, and through the HiTA, a teacher can easily carry out IRS functions such as randomly pick out a student, show their selections, and other activities. HiTA is as convenient to the teacher as having an actual intelligent teaching assistant.

HiTA Teacher Assistant App

HiLearning is based on the TEAM model that provides complete services for teaching and learning process. The TEAM model is a brand new instructional technology service, including four sub-systems: e-Teaching, e-assEssing, e-diAgnosing and e-reMediation.

HiLearning Features

HiLearning is a powerful software

Student tablet (e-student-backpack) is a major learning tool in the 21st century. It promotes the interaction between teachers and students, and enhances students’ learning performances. There are various tablet solutions in the market without educational research. Our HiLearning is developed by Dr. Sams Wang, who believes 5R theory is the key to the success of student tablet solution. Only with Reading, Response, Research function act as a learning companion, and Report and Remediation serve as a private tutor, and then we can get close to our ideal of 1-to-1 learning..

HiLearning realizes 5R concept

In order to achieve the goal of practically becoming a learning companion and a private tutor of the student’s, the student tablet must be able to attain the five “Rs” – Reading, Research, Response, Report, and Remediation. Through attaining 5Rs, not only can students be more engaged in learning in class, they can also preview and review lessons in a more efficient way.

Supports various touch devices

HiLearning can be installed in various devices, such as pad, tablet PC, netbook, and all-in-one PC with touch monitor. With the HiLearning e-student-backpack learning system, touch pads will become student's companion and tutor.

Supports various multimedia contents including text, photo, video and audio etc.
Supports the internet search function. Users can add content to a new page and proceed with editing.
Assesses the students’ in-class learning progress; through the quiz mode, instant percentage of students answering correctly and incorrectly can be obtained by the teacher.
Students can send instant messages to teacher's host page.
Allows online handing in of homework.
Allows uploading of various statistical reports and data to clouDAS (a cloud computing system).
Receives student’s personal learning diagnostic report automatically.
Supports Windows system devices (Windows RT not included), iPad, Android pad.
HiLearning MOBILE

The popularity of intelligent mobile devices and the rapid development of Big Data technology enhance the value of smarter teaching and learning Apps. TMSC (TEAM Model Smarter Classroom) is strongly connecting the smarter teaching equipments with all resources on IES platform.

If we can make students' smartphone become the best learning companion in their learning process; especially in the smarter classroom, they can interact with teachers through their smartphone making them experiencing the unpredictable experience.

Let's experience the convenience of the HiLearning Mobile system.

HiLearning Mobile is a smartphone app to enhance learning in Smarter Classroom. Its features include IRS tools (quizzes and buzz-in), collecting ideas (receiving and sending messages), sending images, and assignment review (teacher end). (Teacher-end HiTeach Mobile requires Wi-Fi connection.)

Supported smartphone platforms: iOS: iOS 7 or later; Model: iPhone 4s or later Android: Jelly Bean 4.1.X or later

HiLearning MOBILE Features

IRS tools (quizzes, buzz-in)

Teachers can use HiTeach Mobile IRS tools in class to raise questions, and students can answer with the virtual remote control feature.

Student answers and the analyses thereof can be graphically displayed in HiTeach Mobile, so that teachers can keep track of students' learning outcomes.

Collecting ideas

Teachers send questions to students via messaging, and students can also send answers via messaging. With HiTeach Mobile, teachers can analyze the feedback and have an overview of students' answers.

Sending images

Students can take pictures with their phones and send the pictures to the teacher. The teacher can immediately view, collect, and share the images, enriching the e-Teaching experience.

Assignment comparison

The assignment comparison feature on HiTeach Mobile allows immediate comparisons of the images sent by students.

Supports IRS Marks When Activating Screen Recording

Students click “*” which marks critical, click “!” which marks difficult.

HiLearning MOBILE
AClass ONE 

AClass ONE is the most convenient and friendly educational App which blends teaching and learning in students daily lives. The five major data(Teaching materials、Electronic notes、Learning portfolio、Diagnostic reports、Remediation videos )can all be automatically uploaded to the online AClass ONE Learning companion APP of students’ computers and mobile devices. The brand new O2O learning model is thus created.

AClass ONE smart study companion is a convenient learning portal for students. Teachingmaterials on IES, electronic notes made in class, IRS records, remediation videos recorded usingsmart recording system, and diagnostic reports produced by automatic test sheet reading system canall be accessed on students’ computers and mobile devices. Aclass ONE smart study companionoffers students timely and personalized assistance that create an expanded learning environmentthat facilitates their full efforts.

AClass ONE Features

Convenient and Friendly Educational App

AClass ONE is the most convenient and friendly educational App which blends teaching and learning in students daily lives. Students can read the E-notes and analysis reports generated automatically right after the lesson, study extracurricular materials provided by teacher,and watch videos bookmarked by themselves to review the critical or difficult concept in the lecture. In addition, students’ learning progress and development are accompanied by the big data saved and analyzed throughout the lesson. The personalized learning portfolio will help individuals to unlock their unlimited potential.

Online to Offline

AClass ONE app aims to provide the O2O learning model for individual students. The record saved in-class (Offline) will be accessed by students via tablets after class (Online). Materials assigned to be previewed or searched before class (Online), will be further discussed and taught in the lesson (Offline). Connecting Offline to Online, as well as Online to Offline, AClass ONE becomes the most convenient learning portal which helps learning smarter and easier than ever.

With a smart phone, the limits of learning are terminated.

The brand new AClass ONE Learning Companion Mobile App automatically records the teaching activities through the TEAM Model Smart Classroom and uploads the records to the IES Cloud Remediation Platform, to generate the learning records and deliver to the learning vehicles at the students’ ends. It is convenient for the students to access the learning resources and information before, during and after classes, so the limits of space and time to learning are terminated. The teachers may communicate the activities in classes with the parents more effectively through this learning companion mobile app

AClass ONE 
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