Promote and support the reading, writing, illustrating and publishing of educational materials for global young readers . The main products are child language learning books/teaching material.

Smart Pen

Creating the most appropriate environment in language learning and enhance children's willingness to learn by increasing learning interest.

Smart pen provide multiple intellectual development channels by seeing, listening, touching and speaking at the same time. Also it has multiple modes convertible Mp3 playback and recording mode.

This advanced smart pen contains a sensitive optical sensor, mini CPU chip.


JoyClass Kit

JoyClass kit is an extremely effective approach to stimulate the intellectual potential of children. JoyClass kit applies the high-tech interactive to train up children’s bilingual power in English and Arabic .


JoyClass kit consists of educational materials . There are 8 themes in each kit. Kids can use a smart pen in English and Arabic to learn 48 various theme .


Wallpaper and Playmat

According to the concept of children being the main body of learning , it is claimed that children should learn from doing , and by absorb knowledge so. In the configuration of wallpaper and playmate we have designed many types of themed classrooms , each type focuses on a specific learning subject .

These types of themed classroom arrangements are gorgeous, beautiful and practical. In addition to bringing children the feeling of going through situations and inspiring active learning, the innovative teaching approach will enhance the brand image of the school and attract more students .


JoyClass Box

JoyClass box arranges the supportive material to strength school's curriculum in a neat way to keep them from any tear or destruction and at the same time can be kept inside the classroom and thus easy for the teacher to carry.

JoyClass box consists of JoyClass materials including: Wall Themes, Recording stickers, Phonics Books, Work books, Theme Stand and Smart Pen.