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eBook Interactive Multimedia e-Book

SimMAGIC eBook includes many different operation simulations, allowing readers to not only enjoy reading but also interact with the book and take simulated tests, heightening reading and learning participation.

Finished e-books can be used anywhere, at anytime as it is supported by multiple smart device systems, making it the most versatile learning program and publication choice.

Core Demands

Export once for a cross-platform eBook; read and share with no restrictions

Comprehensive reading function, giving users a quality reading experience

Friendly editing interface so that anyone can edit their own eBooks

Supports various file formats, make every book unique and exciting

Original interactive functions, break out of conventional reading methods



Fast and Easy: Easily create interactive multimedia e-books by following four easy steps.

Import PDF documents and PPT slideshows directly.

Various interactive functions such as: text input, page jumping, mouse dragging, picture clicking, error message link choices and many others.

Integrate multimedia files: input video and audio files, pictures and other multimedia elements. A diverse way to design e-books by including full picture rotation, dynamic picture rotation, image masking, video and picture positioning, auxiliary pop-up windows and other functions.

The e-book can be supported by different smart device systems including: Windows, iOS, Android phone and pad systems. Watch and share with no restrictions.

e-Book application

All new movement based learning experience with Kinect integration

SimMAGIC eBook makes e-book creation easier in just four steps
Leading the industry with powerful interaction functions
  • Leading the industry with powerful interaction functions.

  • A4, PPT master sets as well as customizable master sets that automatically proportionate when imported into the editor.

  • Multiple advanced editing tools: mask settings, fully rotational pictures, panorama icon, auxiliary pop-up windows and dynamic display.

  • Record with the built-in record function or insert your own audio file and background music, breaking out of the conventional way of reading e-books with your eyes.

  • Customize right/wrong answer pop-up message windows and also include links to related documents providing additional support.

  • Save the original e-book edit file, allowing for quick content editing and material replacement.

  • Preview or simulate e-book interactions, so you can edit and read at the same time.

  • Quick set up of interaction functions with a touch area, input area and object linker editor, no more fumbling with program code and coordinate settings.

Simulate interactive operations, bring reading to life
Supported by many different smart mobile devices

e-Books created using the SimMAGIC eBook Interactive Multimedia Editing Software can not only be read on the PC, but also be exported as different smart mobile device file formats and uploaded to Windows market, App Store or Google Play platform to be downloaded; crossing the barrier of time and space to allow successful learning.​

Exclusive reading APP program

E-books created using the SimMAGIC eBook interactive multimedia editing software can be uploaded to the free APP (eBookHub) developed by us, providing management of e-book sharing and downloading.

Exclusive reading APP Over 50 different reading tools, satisfying any reading demands
  • Customize toolbar display methods according to personal needs and set e-book base drawing and reading deadlines. Full search, bookmarks, and page selection functions makes page jumping quick and simple.

  • Make notes using the white board, sticky note, text blocks, various colored pens and other functions. Embed various pictures (JPG, PNG), video (WMV), animation (GIF) file formats onto completed e-books. All newly added texts, attachments and other notes can be resaved as a new e-book, providing quick access for future reference

System Requirements

System Requirements

Hardware requirements

  • CPU:Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 2 GHz or above.

  • Memory:Minimum 2G or more.

  • Software installation requires at least 2G free disk space; additional space is required to run installation.

  • Sound:PCI Sound card / USB audio device or onboard audio device.

  • Screen:1280 * 1024 or above recommended.

Software requirements

  • Operating System:Windows XP SP3 and above.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

  • Microsoft Media Player 9 and above.

  • Microsoft Silverlight 5.

  • e-Book supported by Firefox, Chrome and IE8 (and above) browsers.

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