CLibrary Cloud Bookshelf Management Platform

The platform is compatible with various e-book file formats that can be uploaded to PC, iPad, iPhone and Windows systems tablets and mobile phones, giving an edge in cross-carrier support. Complete records, statistical analysis of user reading and testing history, and supports recording of offline reading history allowing the administrator a grasp of the user's reading history through matching and cross referencing reports.

Core Demands

Highly effective learning resource integration with comprehensive eBook management

Complete records of learning and reading history

User feedback and statistical analysis

Friendly and diverse bookshelf interface, creating the perfect digital learning environment


Supports various e-book device file formats

Search by book or according to category

Manage and make note of contents of the platform library

Bookshelf category, e-book addition and removal management

Automatic carrier detection and generate download data

Dynamic e-Book learning and reading statistical history analysis graph

Users can share information with the note sharing function

Easier homework assignment through assigned reading material

Return offline reading history

Do statistical analysis on the system and export Excel reports

SimMAGIC Clibrary integrated applications

SimMAGIC CLibrary Cloud Bookshelf Management Platform
SimMAGIC CLibrary offers automatic online e-book conversion
View e-books online

View my favorites and books read

My Account : My Bookshelf
Three different bookshelf display methods – bookshelf, thumbnail and list
Supports uploading of highlighted key points and note sharing
System administrator statistical analysis function
Online analysis process (OLAP statistical analysis)
E-book sharing and management including: adding and deleting
Search by book or category
Review and give comments on e-books
Class, school, department management through account registration, login and other functions
Analyze learning status through online learning and testing
Follow usage of books with book usage statistical analysis

System Requirements

  • Operating System:Windows Server 2003 or above

  • Environment:.NET Framework 4.0 or above

  • Web Tools:IIS 6.0 or above

  • Database:SQL Server 2005 standard or newer

  • Web Browser:IE8.0 or above recommended

Technical Specifications

  • CPU:INTEL Xeon 2.2GHz or above recommended

  • Memory:Minimum 4G RAM, 8G or more optimal

  • Hard Drive:500GB (Recommended read speed > 100MB/s)

  • Network:10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet

Hardware requirements

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  • Black Twitter Icon
  • Black LinkedIn Icon

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